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Letting the photographer's pictures paint a thousand words

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Digital Photographic Studio

How do you get a commercial photographer's website to the top of Google when the photographer doesn't want to see any words on their website? This was the web design challenge Sub@omic was set by long-term customer DWP Imaging.

John Larkin, Director of the Luton photographic studio, feels that a photographer's website should be all about the photographer's images and making these images as easy to browse as possible. Inspired by the look and feel of Adobe's Lightroom software, Sub@omic set about designing a browsable photographer's website.

The main focus of the website is an online gallery that DWP Imaging actively manage themselves using their production software (Adobe Photoshop) so that their website gallery fits their digital workflow and doesn't require the photographers to learn a CMS. Photoshop stores IPTC data in JPEG images and the website extracts image data on demand to build search engine friendly gallery pages.

Photographer's website integrated into photoshop digital workflow

John didn't want any text to get in the way of the photographs so a DWP Info button was introduced to gently fade in the IPTC photo data using a custom JavaScript function. This approach secures the best of both worlds, the photographer doesn't see acres of text but the text is fully accessible to the search engine robots.

This website is DWP Imaging's 3rd and it shares a common feature with its predecessor, that of attempting to convey the story behind the photograph. We can all take acceptable photographs these days but so few people realise just what's required to move from a pedestrian snap to a stunning commercial photograph that jumps out to clients' buyers.

Although this website was launched in 2009 the Luton photographic studio has never let it stay still; the website hosts copies of all the HTML email newsletters and the most recent addition is a tweet button which plugs the photographer's website into social networks.

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