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Sub@omic Dual Purpose websites

Dual Purpose Websites

Sub@omic's Dual Purpose websites are hybrid websites - part bespoke and part Web Diffusion websites. Dual Purpose websites leverage the power and flexibility of an off-the-peg website and fuse it with the uniqueness of a bespoke cognitive designer website.

Cost Efficient and Time Saving

Commissioning bespoke web marketing assets needn't mean excessive costs because Sub@omic is able to directly integrate General Purpose (Web Diffusion) web pages into a Special Purpose (bespoke) website and so avoid trying to reinvent the wheel.

Compliment, Contrast or Match?

How such an integration looks is up to you. When running a bespoke website alongside a templated website, you're offered the opportunity of deciding how to run with a twin website style. You can run with a design that is different but complinentary, you can opt to go with a contrasting look or you may choose to ensure that the two 'halves' of your website look as similar as possbile.

A Question of Navigation

The most challenging aspect of fusing two halves into one website is the tackling of website navigation. It is very easy to slip into the silo mentality, one in which data from one silo does not readily integrate with the structure of another silo.Cognitive Navigation

Sub@omic develops websites based upon open web standards.

Structured Web Diffusion data may be imported into a Special Purpose build and content from a bespoke build may also be surfaced in Web Diffusion to create multiple two way flows between the two systems.

Sales Enquiry

Discover the Sub@omic difference. Work with us to help you articulate your business proposition and win new business online with a cognitive designer website.

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