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Is this Steven Whiting writing bot or not

Is This Steven Writing?

How do you know if an AI has written a web page? Determining whether an AI has written a web page isn't always straightforward because AI-generated content can sometimes closely resemble human-created content. However, there are several potential indicators that might suggest an AI's involvement.

Consistency and Coherence

AI-generated content might exhibit a high level of consistency and coherence throughout the web page. This could manifest as flawless grammar, structured paragraphs, and a lack of grammatical errors or typos.

Unusual Errors or Oddities

On the flip side, AI-generated content might contain oddities or errors that are less common in human writing. This could include strange phrasing, repetitive patterns, or content that lacks a natural flow or context.

Volume and Speed

If a website is producing a vast amount of content at an exceptionally rapid rate, it could be an indication of AI involvement. AI can generate content at scale and speed, far beyond what a human can achieve.

Consistent Tone or Style

If a website maintains a consistent tone or style across various topics or genres, it might suggest AI involvement. Humans tend to exhibit more variability in their writing style based on their mood, audience, or subject matter.

Metadata or Attribution

Sometimes, web pages explicitly mention AI-generated content or attribute the writing to an AI-powered tool or platform. This is not always the case, but some websites may disclose the use of AI.

Unusual Sources or References

AI-generated content might cite obscure or unconventional sources that a human author might not typically use. This could be a sign that the content is machine-generated.

Lack of Personal Touch

AI-generated content might lack the personal touch or subjective experiences that human authors often infuse into their writing. There might be a sense of detachment or a lack of unique insights or opinions.

Keep in mind that these indicators aren't foolproof, and sometimes distinguishing between AI-generated and human-created content can be challenging, especially if the AI is designed to emulate human writing styles. As AI technology continues to advance, the lines between AI-generated and human-created content may become increasingly blurred.

The uniformity of the headings and paragraphs of this blog copy makes me think that it is copy written by an AI.
Annie avatarAnnie8th December 2023I started-out working for a bank and cashed-in my experience with numbers. I now write marketing copy for small business.
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