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Media-Vu's rebrand took the new logo from the website, stationery & banners right through to HTML email.

Media-Vu branding and website design

Taking The Media View

Media-Vu is a business PR and media training business, based in Luton. Media-Vu approached Sub@omic to tackle the fragmented and neglected brand and to deliver a website that changed the face of the business.

Practicing what it preaches

A key component of Media-Vu's business PR offer is the production of broadcast quality video and the provision of media training for the business people about to step in-front of the camera. Yet only when Sub@omic took the business through æ, Sub@omic's consultative web design process to articulate Media-Vu's business proposition, that Media-Vu realised it had no video of its own.

Majoring on video

In addition to the clean and simple web page layout that performs equally well on desktop, tablet and smartphones, one of the key features of the website is its heavy use of video to convey the key messages of Media-Vu's Director, Graham Miller.

Communication style

Graham's videos are short, punchy, direct and compelling calls-to-action which punctuate the website copy written to be search engine friendly. What became apparent as the project progressed was the difference between the words Graham spoke for pieces to camera and the words Steve wrote for pieces to Google. The challenge throughout the project was to write good web SEO copy that satisfied Graham's desire for brevity and rhythm.

Content management

The Media-Vu website is built and managed using Sub@omic's own content management system Web Diffusion - a system that offers Media-Vu the versatility to exploit the opportunity of web video. In return, the website gave Sub@omic the opportunity to demonstrate how external, structured content can be imported and presented on Web Diffusion's web pages.


The external structured data in question is a database of some 200 media tips written by Graham as tweets. Sub@omic worked with Media-Vu to organise the tweets into categories that related to the structure of the webpages so that individual #mediaTip tweets could be randomly placed at the foot of the website's pages.

With the brand in place and with the website launched, the project has now moved on to turning the 200+ #mediaTips into a downloadable E^book.

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