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canopy law business law with no hourly rate

St Albans Boutique Law Firm

Canopy Law is a startup boutique law firm based in St Albans that has been created upon a set of principles which challenge traditional law firms' commercial conventions. The legal profession is becoming commoditised and is about to face new competition from highly polished brands that are soon to enter the marketplace.

Canopy Law stands as an intentional disruptive influence in the legal sector and needed a website to drive home its message and underpin its new business proposition - one that moves towards charging fixed legal fees according to the value of the advice given and not based upon hourly billing or recording of time.

Finding Different Ways To Sell The Law

Traditionally, solicitors sell their services by the hour and fee-earners work at rates set by Partners according to local market rates. Canopy Law is turning all that on its head; the law firm recognised that many small businesses are getting much of its' legal advice online so Canopy Law has begun building a website that is full of free legal advice pages as well as offering free legal advice via video.

Canopy Law .TV is set to become the first TV channel in the legal sector. A dedicated video resource for small business owners to watch videos across a range of business related issues and get free legal advice via video rather than having to wade through dry legal verbiage. The HTML5 player will allow business owners to choose from issues such as business sales and employment law.

High Search Engine Visibility

Video is great but, for all its strength, a website that majors on video will always have a fight on its hands achieving organic search engine visibility without good text content. The website is tightly integrated with a text based website built using Sub@omic's off-the-peg website management environment Web Diffusion.

Future brand challenge

The commercial landscape for the legal services profession is about to change as new entrants to the market employ marketing and communication methods which law firms don't. Canopy Law and its dedicated TV channel offering free legal advice to business owners is set and ready for the onrush.

In the battle for market share in the legal services sector it will only be the intelligent law firm brands which will manage to stay visible to the marketplace. Canopy Law, with its fresh alternate commercial approach, must never resemble a traditional law firm and Sub@omic has created for Canopy Law a modern, distinctive, warm, approachable, non-starchy visual identity and has been trusted to carry it through all of the law firm's digital and paper-based marketing and communications.

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