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The website has generated more business than expected and put me back on the map!

Patricia's Cuisine website design

Catering for Every Occasion

Patricia Harris runs Patricia's Cuisine - a successful and long-established, bespoke catering company in Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire. The business commissioned its first website way back in September 2000 and so, by the time the website was 13 years old, the website was well-overdue an overhaul.

The feedback on the website Sub@omic conceived, designed and built has been amazing - everyone comments on the content and photographs. The website has generated more business than expected and put me back on the map! During the design and build there was absolutely no question of my confidence in Sub@omic dipping, Steve had my best interests at heart.

This new website has surpassed all my expectations.

The 13 Year-old Website

The original website had 15 static HTML pages, outdated and faded photographs which gave the appearance of a business stuck in the '70s. The Website navigation jumped around and in some cases disappeared altogether. The webpage layout changed from page to page. A cheesy MIDI music file on the 'international' page underlined the '70s feel but only executed and played on PCs with Internet Explorer. Finally, the website suffered from broken links throughout the website to a non-existent Guestbook.

When substandard just won't do

Patricia chose Sub@omic Limited to redesign and redevelop the catering website as she recognised that having something of quality created would not only give her everything she wanted and everything she knew her first website lacked but that, working with Sub@omic, she would end up with a website that made her business stand-out from the competition.

The brand new Sub@omic website delivers:

Steve totally overhauled the way I present my food, from helping me to photograph my own food to rewriting each one of my menus. Steve reframed the content of my website around menus for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Right at the heart of this project was a fundamental turnaround in how Patricia presented to customers. The result of this SEO based approach to writing great website copy meant Patricia having to rewrite all her menus. Steve helped me turn 'technical' copy into 'sales' copy and the feedback has been amazing! Writing great website copy

Content isn't just the words on the webpage

A vital success factor of the website has been the photography that appears throughout the website. Sub@omic trained Patricia to photograph her own food using her iPhone as the dishes came out of the over over the course of a couple of months. Safe in the knowledge that Patricia's food would look great on the website, Sub@omic then turned its attention to where Patricia's food came from. Patricia buys as much food fresh from local suppliers and part of showing how good her food tastes is showing that she cares where it comes form. Steve spent a day following and photographing Patricia as she made visits to suppliers and customers, in order to create an area of the website documenting 'a day in the life' of a Bedfordshire caterer.

I won't be needing another website now but, if I were having another website built, I would have had my text organised beforehand to some degree. People now routinely tell me that they love the website and that it's so easy to use. I had no idea that my business could give rise to such a fantastic website. Steve saw it and because I trusted him to push me out of my comfort zone to achieve a website that has exceeded my expectations.

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