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Content Management - Done Properly
A fast, reliable content management eco system built directly on-top of your data.

Content Management Eco-System

E^cologic is the name we have assigned to our way of managing website content. Our open systems approach to managing website content does not rely upon a CMS, instead, we build websites directly on-top of the data layer to deliver incredible speed, reliability and flexibility.

Wordpress sucks

Sub@omic stands apart from the crowd thanks to our non-reliance upon commonly available CMS such as Wordpress. A CMS does not make for a better website - ever; a CMS only exists to make it easier for website administrators to add and edit website content. Wordpress simply sucks bandwidth, presents a large attack surface for cyber criminals to exploit known loopholes, consumes more web server resources and returns web pages at a slower speed.

Complete Integrity

Wordpress is a one-size-fits-all approach to website content and management. Sub@omic's E^cologic approach means that our websites are closer to bespoke tailoring. Our consultative approach means that we first carefully listen to what your business objectives for the website are. We write for you a design solution report that answers how the website will achieve your goals and articulate your business proposition. We then set about designing and developing you a website from scratch.
We write every single line of code ourselves. We don't restyle bought-in templates or install freely-available plug-ins. We understand each and every line of code that we write and, because of that familiarity, we are able to offer the assurance of complete integrity and performance.

100% Support

Websites can and do sometimes break. When that happens you'll want the assurance that comes from being able to reply upon a web developer who is able to fix the problem because they wrote, and understand the code in the first place. If your website does something 'whizzy' by using a plug-in built by a third party then it's more than likely that there can be no guarantee offered by the website designer that a fix will be possible.

LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL PHP

We know you don't like to think about code but it's unavoidable. We spend our lives thinking about writing better code. The E^cologic eco-system in which our websites operate is often referred to as a LAMP stack - a completely open source environment that offers you the freedom to host your website with us or any company of your choosing.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK