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Award winning search engine supremacy for estate agents' design website

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Estate Agent Marketing

Prestige Print is an estate agents' design and print specialist based in Bedford that has achieved what we refer to as 'search engine supremacy' when it comes to estate agency marketing services.

Award winning website design and development

The award winning website Sub@omic built to Prestige Print's design back in 2008 has never stood still and has been continually refined and developed since it was first launched. This process of ongoing improvement and near-daily tweaking is as a direct result of the SEO bug which Prestige's Director, Simon Mummery has caught.
Please Note: In 2015 Prestige rebranded and Sub@omic developed a brand new web app to replace this website which is no longer online.

Continually growing and evolving

Simon's website now dominates Google for searches related to estate agent marketing but securing visibility for just one search query was never going to be enough for the Bedford business, Simon has never rested on his laurels and is always reviewing the website's performance via Google Analytics to extract any new keyword intelligence which he may be able to introduce into the website.

High search engine visibility

In 12 months alone the Prestige Print website achieved visibility for almost 6,500 different search queries. None of that market intelligence goes to waste, the valuable keywords are detected and a new marketing template for estate agents is quickly built, uploaded and optimised. The website never stays still, new galleries are regularly added and seasonally themed template galleries are rotated to keep the website content fresh and relevant.

Prestige Print has spent years building-up a formidable arsenal of ready-to-go marketing templates for estate agents to use as flyers, leaflets and newspaper advertising. Each template is available for view on the website but rather than simply showing a picture of the template, Sub@omic designed the website so that Simon had to also write-up a meaningful description and a use case for each and every design template. The initial task was far from insignificant but the value and contribution of this work soon became apparent right after the website scored its first #1 Google rank.

The contribution of email marketing

Prestige Print not only invested a great deal of time in getting the website content right but also built their own email marketing distribution list by vetting, cleaning and qualifying their existing customer database. In 2008 the property market was predicted to drop so the use of email marketing was a strategic decision that not only saved the business the cost of printing and distributing an annual catalogue but also allowed Prestige to increase the frequency of mailings.

After the success of the initial emailings, the customer list was developed still further and, at its peak, numbered 30,000 opt-in email contacts each of whom received a personalised 1-2-1 HTML sales promotion email once a month. The website activity this generated was a critical success factor in the estate agent marketing SEO.

Marketing directly to the US

In 2011 the website was reskinned to mirror the changes Pretige print had made to their own identity and at the same time the marketing business took the opportunity to squeeze even more value from their bespoke web asset. Drawing upon the SEO skill and experience Simon had developed in the past 3.5 years, Simon decided it was time that he had a crack and breaking the US. The Prestige Print website was cloned, hosted in Dallas and rebranded RED (Real Estate Dezign) to appeal to American agents and realtors.

2012 developments

In 2012 the Prestige Print and RED websites underwent a radical transformation. Sub@omic developed new functionality into the existing website so that Customers and visitors were able to add their favourite estate agent marketing templates to a personal lightbox. The lightbox acts as a long-term store for agents' creative marketing ideas, for keeping the favourites accessible and saving agents from needlessly printing designs to paper. The real bonus, however, is that the lightbox acts as another way to acquire fresh contact details for agents which they might otherwise not have secured.

2013 developments

Sub@omic now has plans to integrate the blog module of Web Diffusion into the Prestige Print website in order to bring the benefits of a social dynamic to the website and to give an opportunity for Simon to make a play for search engine keywords not necessarily associated with estate agents' marketing templates.

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