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Sub@omic works alongside your business
We've been around since 2002 and we're not about to shrink away.

Making Websites HUGE Since 2002

Sub@omic was established in 2002 and isn't about to disappear into thin air the moment your website launches. We want to make your website HUGE!

HUGE is Sub@omic's acronym that helps establish where your business is on its online journey.

HUGE stands for: 'Have Use Grow Evolve'

We want your website to do more and we guess you do too. Do more than just launch. Too many websites get designed, built and are launched with little in the way of follow-on. We believe that a hit website articulate your business proposition and making the site part of your regular business process is vital to making your website a success.

Sub@omic works with you after launch to help you Use, Grow and Evolve your website.


We design, develop, build and launch websites. Some businesses ony want us to achieve a launch so that they just have a website. And this is fine but we'd like to work with you and take you further in your digital journey online.


We work to integrate your website into your regular outbound and online marketing campaigns. We write blog posts and create links from your social media account(s) back to your website so that you may intrigue vistors and convert clicks into enquiries. We design, build and execute HTML email marketing campaigns which link people's inboxes to the blog posts on your website that we've written for you. Once a week, once a month, once a quarter or maybe just once in a while - start by telling us what works for you.


We work to increase you the discoverability of your business through improving the findability of your website. Using SEO, we work with a defined set of search engine keywords to improve your Google organic search engine performance and monitor you rankings, charging you a price per search query that's tied into a 10 tiered fee structure. This way, we both win.


Once a year we'll have a startegy meeting to review the performance of your website and plan the year ahead. Priced at 10% of the original build price, you'll receive inclusive upgrades of your Web Diffusion website so that your site will never become outdated and always remains relevant to your business.

Win More Business

If you'd like to work with us then do please drop us a line; we'd love to learn about your business, your plans and aspirations. Allow us to help you articulate your business proposition - our aim is to secure your position at the top of the Google search engine rankings to win you more new business online.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK