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See Press For Details

Years ago, 'see local press for details' was a phrase familiar to many millions of TV advert viewers. The phrase became the hallmark of a company that had neither the time nor space to say all they wanted in their ad campaign. TV advertising has improved since the '70s yet the desire of commercial business to share more information remains the same. So what is the present day replacement of 'see press for details'?

Don't press - click!

A little further along the road from us here at Old Batford Mill there is a Tesco Express petrol station. After a two week refurbishment, the convenience store has flashy new pumps and a click and collect service for online shoppers. Every time I drive past, what catches my eye is the delivery point's signwriting. What's written says so much about the role of a website and echoes the desires of TV advertisers from years gone by. Discover even more online.

What's the purpose of a website?

We build websites because we want to promote our businesses and because we want to win more business. With a dual ability to promote and sell, websites are the cheapest form of promotion there is. Years ago, advertising in the press was far cheaper than advertising on TV and press adverts were the bridge between ads and retail. Websites now fulfil the role once performed by printed sales and marketing materials.

To find out more, visit our website

How many people in business hanker for a website that does some of their hard work for them? A website with an ability to answer Customers' objections and queries would simplify the sales process and save time and effort. A website so rich and full of goodies that staff confidently say: ...and for more details, take a look at our website where you'll find more hints, tips and advice.

A website with this kind of confidence and power can do much of the heavy lifting a business needs for sales and promotion online. Little wonder that many companies approach the design and build of a website all wrong. Too many fool themselves into thinking everything about a website should be simple and easy. Creating a website that makes buying simpler for Customers is far from easy, it takes much thought, effort and resource.

Discover more online

People tell us that they like ordering from Apple and from Amazon because it's easy for them. Tesco are doing their best to keep up and their click and collect service is the visible evidence of this effort to offer more value to Customers.

Does your website offer your Customers real value or is it nothing more than a thinly veiled sales-pitch?

If you approach the design and development of your website thinking I don't need/want [to invest] a lot then your website will never offer Customers 'more'. A website without real Customer value will never do more and can never be better than the websites of your competitors.

Buying has changed

Shoppers now browse the aisles of retail stores, mobile in hand, comparing prices and on the lookout for more details. Brand loyalty is far harder to win these days. Buyers need to be continually assured that they're spending their hard-earned cash with the right business. Customers now choose to click for more details and have no time to see the press for more details. If you're not fighting hard for their business online you now might as well be saying see competitors for details.

>>"adverts are increasingly becoming simply a means of capturing visitors to the website"

Right on, Guy! There's a exercise on my to-do list that's to tally the number of TV adverts that are just for websites: insurance comparison websites; hotel websites; car buying websites; gambling websites; money lending websites...

Years ago, TV used to be awash with ads from soap powder companies whose advertising strategy was to power-hose the brains of viewers so that they'd feel compelled to pick their soap brand from the shelves the next time they were shopping simply to find out what's so special about the unique blue-whiteness that they've been hearing *so* much about. Website is the new soap.
Steve Whiting, Sub@omic Ltd avatarSteve Whiting, Sub@omic Ltd30th November 1999Author of 'The Art of Search' - the SEO strategy book 2,500 years in the making.
It never fails to amaze me how many firms don't want to spend "a lot" on their website, and yet expect it perform miracles from it. If you want a website to sell for you, it stands to reason that it will probably cost a fair proportion of the cost of a salesperson (at least if it is going to be any good at selling)!
However, the website can give you so much more than just that one sales person so it is a sound investment.
It is not an uncommon thing for adverts to have a call to action of "see our website for more details", so much so that the adverts are increasingly becoming simply a means of capturing visitors to the website and that only. They no longer aim to sell the product directly, but to stimulate sufficient interest you want to find out more (at the website) where you can then purchase the product or service directly.
guy avatarguy8th December 2015Whether you're looking for print and copy; worldwide parcel delivery, courier or postal services; mailbox rental or a virtual office package, you can trust the experts at Mail Boxes Etc.
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