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Introducing the Weblinks Module

Much more than a random collection of links to external websites, the Weblinks Module has been built to offer a series of logically grouped weblinks to external websites of partners, customers, associations and trade/professional websites.

Build Links With Associations & Partners

There are many reasons for wanting to have some outbound links to external websites. Clients may wish to show that they are members of a certain trade body or have achieved a particular certification. Offering onward links to Government bodies for further and better information or offering links to strategic partners may be needed. Alternatively, what about getting paid by affiliates for your linked referrals? Whatever the strategic reasoning behind your link building Web Diffusion's Weblinks Module allows you to group and sequence your links, offers you some descriptive text and allows for the placement of a hyperlinked banner ad, logo or button image.

Strategic Link Building

"A place for everything and everything in its place." Much of Web Diffusion is based upon this key design philosophy and we have designed the Weblinks Module to encourage Clients to keep all their links to external websites in one place. Whilst it's not the only place where links to external websites may be placed it is our belief that a strategic link building strategy benefits more from this centrally managed approach.

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