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"This design company is for those who have a considered approach to their Internet presence…"

Articulate Your Business Proposition

Sub@omic believes that a hit website articulates your business proposition. Your business proposition is something you own and present to the Customer so your website has to be written from their perspective, not yours.

We want to know what your website needs to 'do'

At the outset of our web consultancy, we're not too bothered about the whizzy things that the website will be able to do because the first thing we want to do is discover the strategic business objectives that the website is required to feed into; issues such as:

Let the website uncover your digital business strategy

Once you know the business contribution that you're expecting the website to make then you can begin to think like a Customer and figure-out what it'll take to secure your Customers' attention, convert visits into business and achieve the numbers you've written down.

Instead of blandly stating what you do, you will begin communicating your business proposition and adopt the commercial language that leads with the why you do business and not about the what you do in business. Follow our lead and out of this business proposition will come a meaningful, engaging and Customer-friendly website structure.

Elastic plaything

Knowing what your business needs to do with its website sounds such an obvious and fundamental thing to get right yet so many business fail to even start with such a basic business concept. If you don't have a management strategy in place it's unlikely you'll have a budget and without a budget there's little business commitment, strategy, communication, engagement and command so all a website can achieve is to merely be an elastic plaything of the marketing department.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK