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We Design Hit Websites
Sub@omic Designs & Develops Hit Websites

We Design Hit Websites

Sub@omic is a web design and development business based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. We've been consulting and building websites since 2002 and we help companies to win more business by articulating their business proposition. We exist, as a business, to give you a hit website.

This Is How We Build A Hit Website

We start-out with the unshakeable belief that a hit website articulates your business proposition. Strange as it may initially sound, your website does not exist for your benefit - your website only exists for your Customers.

The way we work is to reveal, to you, your business through the eyes of your Customers.

Your website should allow your Customers to easily and quickly navigate your business; to find its people, its own particular commercial proposition, its products, its services and its offers. Just like this:

We encourage you to start designing your website with the end in mind and build a series of Customer journeys, ending each with an appropriate conversion. Once you're able to break your business down into bite size chunks and devote one webpage to each and every chunk, you'll discover that you will make your website easy to find and easy to navigate.

Nothing Short of #1

Our default position is to design and build for your business a website that ranks #1 on Google. A top ranking website will bring visitors to your website, for free, and present you with the opportunity to win more business. This prize falls within your grasp when you realise that people don't search for what you do but, instead, what you can do for them. Think like the Customer.

Simply More Clickable

We like websites which are clean, quick to load and easy to use. A hit website isn't difficult to use. A hit website doesn't need a user manual or a training session. We call this kind of website a cognitive website because using it is fully understood at a subconscious level. A hit website is full of relevant and intriguing content and talks the language of the Customer. In short, we know this kind of website to be one that is simply more clickable.

Valuing Our Independence

The websites we build attribute a big part of their success to the fact that they look different and work better. Sub@omic Limited is an indy developer - a business that, early on in its history, decided not to follow the herd and chose not to use web design and development software which is geared towards making things simple for ourselves and ignores how users might feel about that. We don't develop websites using Wordpress, or Wix, Ionos, or Squarespace, or GoDaddy, or Drupal, or Dreamweaver, or any other content management system for that matter which at any given time is the trendy, lazy or cheap thing to do. We write every line of code ourselves. Our websites are independently handbuilt, here in Harpenden, Britain.

We Design Hit Websites
What Do You Do?

Tell Us What You Want To Do

We start building a hit website by wanting to know what you do and who you do it for. The where and the when you do it are not as important as the how you do what you do and why buyers should choose your business above all others. We consult with your business and work to articulate your business proposition.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK