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Google Analytics tracking the vital signs of your website's digital heartbeat

Google Analytics

We build Google Analytics into the heart of every website we build with the intention of enabling routine monitoring of your website's health as a part of maintain your search engine visibility delivering nothing short of a #1 Google rank.


Once you're in the habit of routinely checking the health of your website then your quest to conquer the SEO summit will become that little bit simpler. What Google Analytics actually gives you is a picture of how busy and popular your website is and, amongst a host of other KPIs, you'll come to understand: where people clickthrough to your website from; which pages on your website are popular; which pages are a turn-off; which is the most popular device used to browse your website; how long visitors stay on your website and how many online conversions you've made.

Tsunami of stats

The trouble with Analytics though is that, to so many people, the sheer amound of data on tap hit like a tsunami and learning how to interpret the vital signs and sift the data is, let's be honest, boring.

We know what a healthy website looks like. The good news is that we don't find this kind of in-depth analysis boring, we simply love using Analytics for discovering what it is that's making a website tick and diagnosing problems before they begin to pose a problem to the health of your website.

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