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Sub@omic Limited
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High Performance, Top Ranking, Cognitive Designer Websites
Fiercely independent web design and development since 2003.

An Independent Web Design Label

Sub@omic is an independent web label. We design and develop digital marketing campaigns using websites, blogs, SEO, email, hypermedia, PR and eBook publication. Sub@omic doesn't resell ads, prefering to secure maximum visibility for your business organically and automatically

The Sub@omic Difference

There truly is a Sub@omic difference, one which we're keen to demonstrate and proudly assert. We write each and every line of code ourselves, here in the UK. The commercial reality of this is that, should any part of your website fail or require upgrading, refinement or integration, then the people you instruct are the people who write the code. No part of your website development is outsourced overseas. Sub@omic is an indie web developer that also designs, builds, writes, shoots, edits and consults with your business.

Sub@omic designs & develops 3 types of website:

  1. General Purpose Websites
  2. Special Purpose Websites
  3. Dual Purpose Websites

Sub@omic writes every line of code of the websites it designs and builds

There are times when you may require some specialist coding to be written for your website. Because Sub@omic develops as well as designing websites, we can always find space to squeeze in a little bit of code, whether you choose to opt for one of our General Purpose, Special Purpose or All Purpose websites. We work to make your website become part of your business and like to ensure there's always scope for you to manage certain elements of your website yourself - whether that's through direct database access to manage all your content or selectively, using Web Diffusion's Blog, Wall or microBlog modules.

What our independence means for your business

Sub@omic's independence means it's very unlikely that you'll hear the answer 'no' to a question about your website. Because we write every line of code ourselves, there's very little that could stop us from making your website do what you require. So long as what you're asking us to do is legal, so long as it adds value to your business, so long as it benefits your customer and so long as you've got the budget for it, then the answer's always going to be 'yes'.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK