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Introducing the Service Module

As the UK economy moves ever more towards a Service-based economy, the Service Module allows a business to layout its service offerings; the Service Module has been built with pricing, features and benefits in mind and allows a business to define service levels and prices.

Service-Based Propositions Are Amongst The Hardest To Convey!

Our work with service-based companies has clearly shown that most, if not all such, businesses struggle to adequately communicate what it is they do. When a company doesn't manufacture or sell products as such then a company needs to get its thinking cap on - saying "we clean carpets" simply isn't good enough.

'Productise' Your Services

Service propositions are more easily understood when they are 'productised' - for instance break your carpet cleaning service into three levels of service such as Gold, Silver & Bronze and you've just productised your service. The Service Module of Web Diffusion has been built to allow the communication of a productised service-based proposition.

Features & Benefits

Two sets of lists (2 x 10 bullet points) allows for both the features and the benefits of a service to be outlined. The positioning of these lists is far from prescriptive and the lists may be positioned anywhere in the web page copy.

Price Breakdowns & Service Offerings

When productising services there's nothing better than using a table to show what's available at each level. The Services Module of Web Diffusion allows you to display a fully styled inline table with up to 15 rows anywhere within the web page copy. Embedding a table into your web page allows you to productise or package your service-based offering and show details of pricing, availability, turnaround, quantity or requirements.

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