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Bespoke Web Apps

Choose to commission a Special Purpose website when an essential feature is not available off-the-peg and when substandard just won't do. Beginning from a blank sheet of paper, a Special Purpose website is truly bespoke.

Sub@omic has been developing Special Purpose websites for Customers since 2002. We work in a consultative fashion to discover, together, what the website has to achieve before writing an accurately-priced tight website specification.

A Special Purpose website is built from scratch, not from a template. Absolutely everything is bespoke. Sub@omic write every line of code and so the website user experience and third party systems integration will be exactly as per the specification. In order to manage the process, we have developed and will follow a 15 step management control process designed to put you at ease with the project progression.Process Management

Command The Web

A Special Purpose website need not be eye-wateringly expensive, but it will be incredibly well thought through. Because Sub@omic starts from a blank sheet of paper, we want to think through each and every click to ensure that your special website is simply more clickable.

Special Purpose websites are not built using content management systems such as Wordpress.

Open Source and 100% Yours

Special Purpose websites are, more often than not, built from a fusion of HTML5, PHP, CSS and JavaScript which sit ontop of a MySQL database. This arrangement is commonly known as a LAMP stack.

Websites built in this fashion are able to run on any webserver running PHP 1. In practice this means that, once the website has been designed, developed, built, tested and launched, the Sub@omic Special Purpose website can be hosted anywhere.

Fully Independent and Future Proof

And, because the website you commission is not only unique but exclusively built for your business then, upon acceptance, you take ownership of the entire IP. The Special Purpose website is 100% yours and you need have no further ties to Sub@omic and you certainly won't be tied into any content management system. We assign you full management access with both FTP and MySQL, we train your staff and supply you with an operational manual where appropriate.

Contact us now. We'll be able to quickly identify whether a Special Purpose website is right for you.

Lease or Buy?

However, you can look at the decision as being a straight choice between leasing or buying your website. Whether you choose a General Purpose (Web Diffusion) website or opt for a common CMS based website, you'll fundamentally be leasing the website. Your website will be wholly dependent upon the system 'behind' the website and migrating the website to a new provider may not be feasible - many business owners faced with this situation elect to rebuild the entire website.

A Sub@omic Special Purpose website, on the other hand, is a one-off, exclusive, commissioned and bought. From the moment your website goes live, it's yours to take anywhere and do with as you please.

Sales Enquiry

Discover the Sub@omic difference. Work with us to help you articulate your business proposition and win new business online with a cognitive designer website.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK