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E^motive web animation HTML GIF CSS
Bring static webpages to life using Sub@omic's advanced and creative GIF web animations.

Animated Website Photographs

Half photograph, half video; our E^motive web animations are highly advanced moving pictures which capture moments, freeze the action and warm the soul but, most importantly, hold people's attention.

Living photo technology

Hazmat LogisticsAn E^motive image on a website makes visitors stop what they're doing and watch. E^motive images run automatically from the very moment a webpage loads, the moving images are a fraction of the size of a comparable animated GIF and are not limited to just 256 colours. Our images get to work quickly on any web browser without any need for JavaScripting or fancy plugins.

From fullscreen HD down to thumbnails

E^motive images are built from HTML5 and CSS using GIFs and JPGs - infact everything you're already familiar with. Because our animated E^motive images are built from HTML5 they are responsive - they scale from the screens of the smallest mobile phone right up to the screens of the highest definition 4K TV. Unlike traditional animated GIFs, which are limited to using just 256 colours, our high definition responsive animated images are capable of displaying well over 16 million colours.

Big Ben animationFrom subtle banner ads right through to full screen animations for website landing pages and home pages, an E^motive website animation offers developers incredible opportunities for customisation.

As every animated element is embedded in a responsive HTML <picture> element, each GIF animation is individually addressible and available for further dynamic animation and user interaction. Just add JavaScript!

Animated images with real pop!

Maneki Neko Japanese waving catUnlike video files, our cinegraph web animations will loop ininately and, with a minimal data payload, introduce a real punch to illustrations as well as bringing life to static photos. This illustration of a lucky mankei neko (Japanese waving cat) was animated and served as a responsive HTML5 image to enhance the comic style adopted by the Generation Pop brand.

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