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æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 11:

Web Design Process Step 11

Receipt and review of the content supplied by you or a third party before website launch date review.

A key project milestone

This is a vital step in the æ web design process and serves as a key project milestone. One the website was designed in Step 7 the size and shape of the data required would be clear and the website architecture provides to overall framework for the project. These provisions made it possible for the creation of website content (words and images) from Step 7 onwards.

It's showtime!

Step 11 addresses the formal handover of structured content to Sub@omic. Very often this is the moment when our Customers finally and fully appreciate just what a hungry beast a website is; website copy tends to get sucked into a website and, if anyone's been paying lip service to the importance of content, it's right not that panic may set in as website launch deadlines are approaching and more content needs to be found.

Contingency and launch evaluation

You need to prepare for this very real possibility and, where possible, have a contingency in place just in case the inevitable happens. Hopefully, because you've taken our advice and realised early-on what a challenge securing great website content will be, we will never reach this point; however, if you do then it is at this point that you will wish to re-evaluate your situation, decide if the website launch date is achievable and what the impact of rescheduling the website launch date will be.

Sub@omic's creative partners

Even at this late stage it's never too late to seek help and support using the relationships which Sub@omic maintains with it's creative partners. Help and support is available from:

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