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A Better Way To Startup

A Web Diffusion Startup website is the cheapest website way to get a Sub@omic website for your business startup. The Startup website presents as a one page super-scroller website and is priced from only £40 a month.

A Website To Startup With and Grow Into

Let us build for you a cheap business website that allows you to confidently take your first step into the Web. Starting-up is one thing every business has had to do and it's fair to say that very few startups know it all from day one. As you begin to trade, you begin to learn what your marketplace actually wants and your business proposition will evolve. Fast.

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Discover the Sub@omic difference. Work with us to help you articulate your business proposition and win new business online with a cognitive designer website.

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Why shackle your startup to a website that isn't built for growth?Web Diffusion's Startup website has been designed to help you figure-out your new business proposition and build the foundations for your next website. The limitless scrolling capability allows you to present your offer simply, without asking you to think building a website navigation menu.

Limitless Deep Scrolling

You use a Startup website just like you use any social media site - you just keep on scrolling! We build our websites for Startups using content blocks of 25 sets of headings, paragraphs and images, with the ability to break-up the text with bullet point lists and a table. The scroll depth of the Web Diffusion Startup website is truly limitless. Want to show-off more content? Cool! Just add another content block to your Startup package.

Clean and simple, one-page super-scroll, lightning quick websites for startups.

And That's Just For Starters

Sub@omic websites are simply more clickable and we put everything we know about web design into Web Diffusion. The super-scroll layout of your Startup website is supported by our own offer box capability that minimises the potential for thumb scroll fatigue and lets your website get straight to the point, stay on the one, and start selling from the second it loads into the browser.

Lightning Quick & Free From Bloat

As you're starting-out in business, the last thing you should be concerned about is figuring-out HTML code. So it'll come as a massive benefit to your startup that all Web Diffusion websites run with the minimum of code; this means your website loads incredibly quickly, typically 7 times faster than other websites.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK