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Hard Day's Night

I don't know it all and some of my best ideas have been other people's. This has proven to be especially true when it comes to designing and developing Web Diffusion, our exclusive website management system.

Bloggers, vloggers and floggers

Today I spent a rich and rewarding day with John Larkin and Nigel Crump of DWP Imaging at their photo studio in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire. The purpose of the visit was to update responsive HTML E^mail templates and HTML email signatures within the photographers' email clients. The dynamic HTML email templates are connected to the studio's photography blog - when a new blog is published the email template automatically updates itself with a fresh new image.

Nigel, John and I reviewed the progress of the photography blogs they've published in the past two months and took a look at the dozen or so draft blog posts they have waiting in the wings. I can promise you that the quality of content waiting in the photographers' pipeline is truly stunning.

Listening to your Customers

DWP Imaging don't just take superb still photographs, they shoot video too and have just released a care home video - the video looks thoroughly professional and nothing like a home video ;-) Today John asked me: How do I get video into my blog?. The answer: Well, you can't but I could do it for you... is simply unacceptable. DWP Imaging's Blog module runs in default (basic) mode that doesn't offer them the ability to insert video. It became clear that two modes weren't enough and there was a very good business case for three modes. By listening to our Customer we've been able to give John what he wants and enrich the already impressive capabilities of Web Diffusion.

Blog module

Web Diffusion offers our Customers the ability to manage their own content with the Blog module that runs in one of two modes: default and pro. That was, until today. John and Nigel didn't want a blog module that was too heavy to read or too complicated to write - their blog runs in default mode. However, their blog habit is evolving and the photographic bloggers wanted to place a video into the latest blog but didn't know how. The answer could have been simple: switch the blog over to pro mode; but the more comprehensive functionality and UI of the blog writing page would have immediately turned-off John and Nigel.

Time to do the right thing - not the easy thing

From today, Web Diffusion can now run in 3 modes: default; vlog and pro.

How to add video to your blog

Vloggers. You've heard about them and you know you want to be one, even if you have no idea what the noun means. Many people tell me that they don't know how to load video on their website. If you're using Web Diffusion and you're running the Blog module in 'vlog' or 'pro' mode then it's easy! Here's how you how you get YouTube videos into your website with a very simple double-click, copy and paste.

Every YouTube video has its own unique reference number. Look at any YouTube video's URL and you'll see a reference number prefixed by the characters ?v= that you just need to double click, copy and paste into the field labeled: YouTube Video Reference Number on Web Diffusion's blog writing and editing page.

How to add a YouTube video to your blog

Inserting a YouTube video into a blog is as simple as that!

However, you're going to want a little more control over where the video appears, so you can select where the video appears; inside or after a particular sub-heading or paragraph. But then comes the good bit. Have you ever heard someone tell you that YouTube is no good for hosting video because you see ads placed after you video? Well, ignore them, because they don't know about all the other little gems which are hidden inside YouTube's URL structure.

There are many GET variables which you can legally embed into a YouTube URL in order to control its presentation. Web Diffusion works with these variables and allows its bloggers, vloggers and floggers to select the way the video runs once embedded into their blog.

Being able to exercise this degree of control over YouTube videos helps bloggers turn into vloggers and enables Web Diffusion bloggers the ability to use YouTube in a commercial scenario without the fear of the videos being contaminated by third party ads or videos.

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