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Mini blogs and mini-computers

Mini Blog Project

Today I'm starting a brand new website project - this is a mini blog. So, what is a mini blog? Well, truth be told, I don't yet know. You see I haven't seen one before - this is something new.

There are rumblings in the jungle

This mini blog is positioned halfway between social media and our website. All is not well in/on social media. Thankfully, people are slowly coming to terms with the idea that social networks might not actually be the best thing since sliced bread. Perhaps you too are now becoming aware that social media exists not for you but as a platform to sell shizzle to you.
If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.

Many people in business turn to social media and consider it to be the primary channel for outbound communications. I'm not here to dispute that but, firstly, the dimensions of what you can say and how you're directed to say it on 'the socials' sometimes gets in the way. Secondly, it's not healthy to become locked-in to a platform; one that wants to own all of your interactions with fellow human beings.

I've always maintained that the purpose of your participation on social media is to get people off social media and onto your website - because it's only on your website can you begin to make and then to take control of the conversion.

There is also a third reason

Having spent the past four years writing monthly blogs, I've just compiled and published a new eBook entitled SEO and The Existence of God. The book takes the opportunity of representing the posts in a different format and, in so doing, I discovered a completely new way of navigating content - the book is anything but a linear read.

During the edit of this book I decided that the book needed an index, so I turned to the <meta> 'keywords' I'd written for each article and very quickly realised that I hadn't done a very good job in choosing keywords that were either helpful or meaningful. More specifically, I looked at the pitiful count of articles which I'd written that could be tagged with the keywords 'web design'.

Practicing what I preach

What had dawned-upon me was that, if part of the purpose of me writing regular blogs was to improve my search engine visibility then, I wasn't doing what I tell others to do and I wasn't writing about what my Customers are interested in; in this case: web design.

Live web design news - daily

So, the purpose of this mini blog project is to explore the potential of the blog still further by attempting to write a piece about the activity of web design - daily.


Whilst planning this mini blog last week what struck me was the wide variety of essential 'stuff' I did last week which offer the opportunity to blog about 'web design' and which you wouldn't necessarily consider when you think about the day-to-day work of a web designer.

For instance, last week I:

Updated the DNS for 6 domain names to help a customer migrate from IMAP email to Outlook 365; Launched a new website for Hazmat Logistics and secured Google rankings for the website in under 24 hours; Installed a new library on my Raspberry Pi (pictured above); Began writing my first Python script to use the Pi to lift a serial number from an RFID chip; Created a new press release for SEO and The Existence of God; Dealt with the aftermath of fraudulent use of my business credit card; Had a phone conversation with someone in New York as a result of their reading of SEO and The Existence of God.

'Hello world'

So. That's the first mini blog written. The first one is always the easiest, the second one less-so. This project is an experiment let's see if there's enough happening today to fuel tomorrow's post.

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