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Introducing the Products Module

No matter how many products you have the Product Module of Web Diffusion enables Clients which manufacture, resell, warehouse or distribute products to display their entire product range. Products are navigable as a hierarchical arrangement of products and the Product Module offers a popup gallery of up to 5 product photos as well as a PayPal button for those Clients seeking to explore E^commerce.

Search Engine Optimisation

Anyone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to search engine optimisation will agree that having a well-ordered product hierarchy delivers a huge competitive edge when it comes to a website's search engine visibility. Your potential customers are searching for your products not only by brand name but by function too so being competitive for short-tail keywords requires you to amass quality product pages under headings that relate to and tie-in with your prospective visitors' search engine keywords. The Product Module has been built with this SEO strategy in mind.

Two Tier Organisation

How often do you come across a lazy website - one where their goods for sale have been dumped into a catch-all category named "stuff"? We see it all the time and very often it's the hallmark of a system that doesn't accommodate a growing inventory. So it should come as no surprise that the Product Module of Web Diffusion has an open-ended hierarchy that you can continually add products to and remove products from as your business grows.

Ample Scope For Your Product Description

We've built the Product Module so that you can comprehensively describe each and every product as well as offering a full range of fields in which you can document the products' specifications.

What Makes A Product?

In the context of a Web Diffusion website, a product can be anything: from a bottle of cleaning fluid through to a bespoke, handcrafted widget. A product could be a course that you are running or a book that you are selling; a business card you can print or a ream of paper you can deliver; a holiday you are selling or a vehicle you are leasing. Using your own Tier One categories you can have built into your website an unlimited amount of products under an unlimited number of Tier One product categories.

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