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I Don't Want A Lot… 📖 🖼

[19th May 2024 10:18] - Perhaps the phrase we hear most often, when prospective Customers begin outlining what kind of website they want is: I don't want a lot, swiftly followed by I don't want my website to be too wordy.

Some people labour under the … Read more

Looking 20p In The 10p Mix* 📖 🔗 🖼

[9th May 2024 22:01] - Scrolling through Instagram this evening, this popped-up. The web design profession hasn't hit an all-time low, it's been down there for an awfully long time.

I've been of the opinion, for quite some time now, that a 'professional&# … Read more

Rackspace Email Disruption 📖 🔗

[30th Apr 2024 17:26] - We have been made aware that our provider of cloud email accounts, Rackspace, is tackling an issue affecting Cloud Office Rackspace Email services: and

Their system status reported: We are aware of an iss … Read more

The Keith Scale 🖼

[21st Apr 2024 13:47]

The Ladybird Book of Website Design 🖼

[19th Apr 2024 05:36] - If Ladybird Books had ever made a book on website design, it might look a little bit like this and contain nursery rhymes such as Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Rank.

Build Your Website With AI 📖 🖼

[29th Mar 2024 16:25] - The glossy ads tell you that: Yes! You can build your website with AI in a matter of minutes. We guess that's the sales line that this textile designer bought-into. Yes, AI can build your website for you - but you'd better proof read it and know h … Read more

Preach 🔗 🖼

[4th Feb 2024 00:41] - Optimisation is to your website as flossing is to your teeth.

Whiting's Law

[14th Dec 2023 15:18] - The likelihood of a website getting built is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent saying that one wants one.

Straight Outta Batford 📖 🔗 🖼

[15th Nov 2023 13:00] - Every New Year's Day, the Marquis of Granby holds a charity duck race along the banks of the River Lea. Promo for the event usually starts mid-late December but creating promo materials starts right about now. I spent a happy 6 minutes, this morning,  … Read more

New Blog Post on The Art of Search Website 📖 🔗 🖼

[1st Nov 2023 11:41] - I've just posted a new blog onto the website of The Art of Search. What makes this blog post worthy of note? It is a blog all about hedge trimmers and platform access safety equipment. The reason for exploring the world of safe pyracantha maintenance, … Read more

Sneak Preview 📖 🖼

[31st Oct 2023 16:21] - First demo of a new product option from our range of 'wearable' contactless NFC hypermedia, sold under the Generation Pop brand. A contactless key fob that hyperlinks a mobile to any online platform. This one links the contactless, wearable, ShowC … Read more

It's Friday. It's 5 to 5. It's Crackerjack! 📖 🔗

[27th Oct 2023 12:58] - Launching A Website On A Friday and Other Bad Ideas.

Just don't. Plan to launch your website on a Monday instead. Thinking that you can launch a website at 5 to 5 on a Friday is simply crackers.

No matter how much you check the launch ca … Read more

Log On 📖 🔗 🖼

[23rd Oct 2023 11:21] - So, this just happened. Search for "logs" on Google and you may find that our website for Phil Holt & Son ranks #1 - this is something that makes me incredibly happy, as it didn't happen overnight.

You'll notice, however, that … Read more

It's Chriiiistmaaaaaaaarghs! 📖 🔗 🖼

[19th Oct 2023 12:31] - The swinging Christmas Tree has been re-introduced into the website of Phil Holt & Son and that can only mean that the good people of Harpenden are thinking about Christmas already. It's worth mentioning, for those people who, like me, are part of … Read more

HUGE^ Websites 🔗 🖼

[18th Oct 2023 02:37] - It's taken an awfully long time in coming but, finally, we're beginning to express how our ongoing website content management strategy will look to Customers, both new and old. #huge

Katie C Is A Robot 📖 🖼

[13th Oct 2023 12:39] - This afternoon, I was personally selected to write for LinkedIn. Well, I say 'personally' but we all know this is not true because Katie C is a robot.

Katie C sent me a DM through LinkedIn to notify me that, if my expertise is deemed worthy … Read more

Demonstrating A Superabundance of Strength 🔗 🖼

[12th Oct 2023 10:26] - That thing where your one page, super-scrolling, Web Diffusion website demonstrates a superabundance of strength and secures a #1 Google rank ahead of 304 million other web pages. This is The Art of Search.

It's Alive! 📖 🔗 🖼

[10th Oct 2023 10:20] - Just a very quick mention that the promotional website for Web Diffusion has just gone live.

This website has been a while in coming - 10 years, to be precise! You know what they say about Cobbler's Childrens' Shoes? Well, the same w … Read more

Fridge Magnate 📖 🖼

[15th Sep 2023 12:41] - I love getting away from a display screen full of code and getting to visit Customers in their own habitat. Seeing a Customer's business during a site visit contextualises everything and always serves-up new and fresh ideas for marketing the company.< … Read more

Coming Soon To A Display Screen Near You 📖 🖼

[30th Aug 2023 15:32] - The portfolio website for Web Diffusion's coming along nicely. Here's a quick glimpse of a responsive destktop/laptop screen in HD.

When it comes to a promotional or commercial website, so many people I speak with don't like the thought … Read more

Holt's ShowCards 📖 🔗 🖼

[30th Aug 2023 14:04] - Another batch of Generation Pop ShowCards® boxed and ready to go into service for Phil Holt & Son. These single-sided A5 delivery cards link back to Phil Holt's Web Diffusion website using a tracked QR code. The landing page is the Web Diffusio … Read more

You Herd It Here First 📖 🔗

[15th Aug 2023 16:36] - The lustre of the social media experiment has long-since faded and there's a hunger to find a suitable replacement. It has, however, been hiding in plain sight for years - it's RSS. Today, news broke that the New Yorker magazine have made the swit … Read more

The Difference Between The Web and Social Media 🖼

[10th Aug 2023 09:07]

Spanchor 📖 🔗

[8th Aug 2023 08:46] - Now and then, I get sufficiently in the zone and find myself inventing a new word. Today's new word is a portmanteau for a bit of HTML code.

Whiting's word of the day: spanchor ~ noun. An HTML element with a unique id that you're able t … Read more

Working Lunch 🔗 🖼

[2nd Aug 2023 13:26] - Wouldn't it be nice if all business meetings looked like this? Lovely to catch-up with Naomi and Steve at Marquis of Granby.