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Preach 🔗 🖼

[4th Feb 2024 00:41] - Optimisation is to your website as flossing is to your teeth.

Whiting's Law

[14th Dec 2023 15:18] - The likelihood of a website getting built is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent saying that one wants one.

Straight Outta Batford 📖 🔗 🖼

[15th Nov 2023 13:00] - Every New Year's Day, the Marquis of Granby holds a charity duck race along the banks of the River Lea. Promo for the event usually starts mid-late December but creating promo materials starts right about now. I spent a happy 6 minutes, this morning,  … Read more

New Blog Post on The Art of Search Website 📖 🔗 🖼

[1st Nov 2023 11:41] - I've just posted a new blog onto the website of The Art of Search. What makes this blog post worthy of note? It is a blog all about hedge trimmers and platform access safety equipment. The reason for exploring the world of safe pyracantha maintenance, … Read more

Sneak Preview 📖 🖼

[31st Oct 2023 16:21] - First demo of a new product option from our range of 'wearable' contactless NFC hypermedia, sold under the Generation Pop brand. A contactless key fob that hyperlinks a mobile to any online platform. This one links the contactless, wearable, ShowC … Read more

It's Friday. It's 5 to 5. It's Crackerjack! 📖 🔗

[27th Oct 2023 12:58] - Launching A Website On A Friday and Other Bad Ideas.

Just don't. Plan to launch your website on a Monday instead. Thinking that you can launch a website at 5 to 5 on a Friday is simply crackers.

No matter how much you check the launch ca … Read more

Log On 📖 🔗 🖼

[23rd Oct 2023 11:21] - So, this just happened. Search for "logs" on Google and you may find that our website for Phil Holt & Son ranks #1 - this is something that makes me incredibly happy, as it didn't happen overnight.

You'll notice, however, that … Read more

It's Chriiiistmaaaaaaaarghs! 📖 🔗 🖼

[19th Oct 2023 12:31] - The swinging Christmas Tree has been re-introduced into the website of Phil Holt & Son and that can only mean that the good people of Harpenden are thinking about Christmas already. It's worth mentioning, for those people who, like me, are part of … Read more

HUGE^ Websites 🔗 🖼

[18th Oct 2023 02:37] - It's taken an awfully long time in coming but, finally, we're beginning to express how our ongoing website content management strategy will look to Customers, both new and old. #huge

Katie C Is A Robot 📖 🖼

[13th Oct 2023 12:39] - This afternoon, I was personally selected to write for LinkedIn. Well, I say 'personally' but we all know this is not true because Katie C is a robot.

Katie C sent me a DM through LinkedIn to notify me that, if my expertise is deemed worthy … Read more

Demonstrating A Superabundance of Strength 🔗 🖼

[12th Oct 2023 10:26] - That thing where your one page, super-scrolling, Web Diffusion website demonstrates a superabundance of strength and secures a #1 Google rank ahead of 304 million other web pages. This is The Art of Search.

It's Alive! 📖 🔗 🖼

[10th Oct 2023 10:20] - Just a very quick mention that the promotional website for Web Diffusion has just gone live.

This website has been a while in coming - 10 years, to be precise! You know what they say about Cobbler's Childrens' Shoes? Well, the same w … Read more

Fridge Magnate 📖 🖼

[15th Sep 2023 12:41] - I love getting away from a display screen full of code and getting to visit Customers in their own habitat. Seeing a Customer's business during a site visit contextualises everything and always serves-up new and fresh ideas for marketing the company.< … Read more

Coming Soon To A Display Screen Near You 📖 🖼

[30th Aug 2023 15:32] - The portfolio website for Web Diffusion's coming along nicely. Here's a quick glimpse of a responsive destktop/laptop screen in HD.

When it comes to a promotional or commercial website, so many people I speak with don't like the thought … Read more

Holt's ShowCards 📖 🔗 🖼

[30th Aug 2023 14:04] - Another batch of Generation Pop ShowCards® boxed and ready to go into service for Phil Holt & Son. These single-sided A5 delivery cards link back to Phil Holt's Web Diffusion website using a tracked QR code. The landing page is the Web Diffusio … Read more

You Herd It Here First 📖 🔗

[15th Aug 2023 16:36] - The lustre of the social media experiment has long-since faded and there's a hunger to find a suitable replacement. It has, however, been hiding in plain sight for years - it's RSS. Today, news broke that the New Yorker magazine have made the swit … Read more

The Difference Between The Web and Social Media 🖼

[10th Aug 2023 09:07]

Spanchor 📖 🔗

[8th Aug 2023 08:46] - Now and then, I get sufficiently in the zone and find myself inventing a new word. Today's new word is a portmanteau for a bit of HTML code.

Whiting's word of the day: spanchor ~ noun. An HTML element with a unique id that you're able t … Read more

Working Lunch 🔗 🖼

[2nd Aug 2023 13:26] - Wouldn't it be nice if all business meetings looked like this? Lovely to catch-up with Naomi and Steve at Marquis of Granby.


[21st Jul 2023 13:02] - The correct way to greet a front-end (HTML) web developer is <sup>Steve</sup>.

This Not A Thread 📖

[13th Jul 2023 08:59] - So. This past week there's been some noise made about Threads - something that Meta themselves have dubbed an 'Instagram app' - that purports to offer a platform for social engagement with less toxicity. The twist, seemingly, is that you get t … Read more

My First Website 📖 🖼

[23rd Jun 2023 14:46] - Occasionally, you lose a Customer because they've decided, for whatever reason, to go build their own website. Every time this happens, we wish them well in their endeavours but can't help imagining what that first website they build would feel li … Read more

Feed Me Seymour 📖 🔗

[22nd Jun 2023 15:05] - Have you ever heard me utter one of my go-to phrases in business: "A website is a hungry beast"? Well, I just needed to explain it in an email to a Customer as I just dropped a reference to The Little Shop of Horrors in the same email - 'Fee … Read more

SEO Sorcery Unveiled 📖

[20th Jun 2023 11:00] - Today I asked ChatGPT to write some website copy about SEO in the style of William Shakespeare…

"Verily, behold the splendid realm of search,
Where countless souls traverse the digital sphere.
With eager hearts, they seek what they … Read more

Death of a Domain Name 📖 🖼

[31st May 2023 09:56] - Last week I emailed Customers to notify them we'll be switching to a new email address. Today, last week's suspicion that our domain name had become tainted was confirmed.

I logged-into LinkedIn this morning and noted that both  … Read more