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IT contingency planning

When The **IT Hits The Fan

This morning a Virgin Media engineer turned-up, postcard in-hand, at the door of Old Batford Mill to tell me that the Internet would be switched-off for a couple of hours.

This is IT

The websites we design and develop are, rather obviously, built using IT and, sure as eggs-is-eggs and as sure as I like a chocolate Hobnob, every now and then the IT that you use will break.

When it breaks you'll be glad you had an IT contingency plan in place.

Today's outage isn't a worry for us. I'm glad that the Virgin engineer who came-a-knocking, postcard in-hand, let me know that they were working on an upgrade otherwise I'd have put in a support call to Virgin - my call is important to them too :o)

The Internet has NOT left the building!

In fact I'm writing, uploading and publishing this blog post today whilst the Virgin Media line is still down, you see, I have a contingency - a second line.

Business as usual

Last week I was speaking with a Customer who was just recovering from a total business shown brought about by IT or, more specifically, the appearance of ransomware on their network. The entire business and it's 70+ employees shut down and was told not to return to work the following day whilst the network was restored.

Fortunately, an IT contingency was in place and one call to their outsourced IT provider meant that, by working through the night, the business only lost one and a half days of production.

You never know what you've got until IT's gone!

Protect yourself from the savage attacks of cyber criminals and download our free E^dition eBook How to detect cyber crime, published in association with Bedfordshire Police. Whilst you do that, I'm nipping off for a cup of coffee and a chocolate Hobnob safe in the knowledge that the Internet's not gone and that normal service will be resumed shortly.

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