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Open-Source Bespoke Web Development
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Bespoke Open-Source Web Development

Built With Style & Precision

A Sub@omic website is hand-built here in the UK with style and precision, none of the development is sub-contracted overseas and this means that we tightly control every aspect of the website development to ensure that we deliver premium quality websites to our clients.

Content Management - Done Correctly

What sets apart a Sub@omic website from many others is that our bespoke websites are not assembled using off-the-shelf web design templates, online site builders or ordinary content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/etc, but built totally from scratch to your requirements and your exacting specification.

Sub@omic Bespoke Websites are:

CMS Is Built Upon Assumptions

We steer clear of common Content Management Systems (CMS), not because "they're all rubbish" but because, first and foremost, a CMS can only be built once some broad-brush assumptions about your content and your business have been made years in advance of your business getting its first glimpse of the CMS. We believe that every business is different and that the content of every business is also different and, therefore, deserves individual treatment.

Don't Believe The Hype

Secondly, CMS come and CMS go. Today's new kid on the block or flavour of the month that is fully buzzword-complaint and is the darling of all the bright young things will soon become tomorrow's outdate, unfashionable technology.

The Trouble With CMS

A CMS is built with the needs of the 'content manager' in mind and, no matter how noble the intentions of a CMS at the outset, the developer soon become hijacked by the agenda of the content managers themselves. The tail then begins to wag the dog as 'users' begin to demand a back-end which is more flexible/robust/simple/configurable/integrat-able and, all-too-soon, the balance of development time soon tilts in the favour of the back-end. Eventually, the actual website output (the thing the back-end was originally intended to serve) suffers from less significantly attention and the CMS ends-up banging-out sloppy, generic websites built to pander to the ordinary masses rather than the requirements of the individual business.

We Want To Make Your Website Extraordinary

All Sub@omic's bespoke websites are individually hand-coded, this means that needless or irrelevant code will never find its way into the page; creating lean and un-bloated web pages which Google loves. We develop bespoke webpages which function exactly to your specification, which are standards-compliant, which are search engine friendly and which will load quickly in as many browsers as possible.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK