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The Spitfire is a British design icon

Branding For Air Supremacy

The websites Sub@omic designs and develops owe their superabundance of strength to the fact that we work to fully understand our Customers' business models and create online brands which powerfully articulate the business proposition.

The Spitfire is everything Sub@omic works to achieve

The Merlin-powered Supermarine Spitfire, with its Elliptical wing design and washout was built for power and manoeuvrability at high speed, it is a true British design icon. The Spitfire is supremely fast, agile, deadly, a joy to fly and, perhaps most of all, a thing of beauty.

We closely associate the agility, the speed, the power and the beauty of the Spitfire with the brand values of our own web design business. These characteristics did not happen by chance, they were achieved by design; British design arguably at its best. The Spitfire was pivotal in helping our air aces secure air supremacy during the Second World War and our websites help today's frontline commercial fighters achieve search engine supremacy.

Today's front line is closer than you think

Today, the front line isn't a physical barrier like the English Channel but it's a digital front line that's within thinking distance of your Customers. The digital front line is Google's search box.

By definition, the enemy, therefore, is any website which is able to get itself in-front of your Customers via a search on Google.

If you regard your commercial, digital defence as something with a fixed position, one that's dug-in and entrenched then you've already been beaten. Today's business defence is won by air aces, able to take flight at a moment's notice and with the agility to take the fight to the enemy - wherever they may be found.

Call for Sub@omic and let us build for you a deadly accurate website with the power and beauty to knock your enemies clean out of the sky.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK