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We Are The Mods
Cool, Clean, Modern.
Iconic British Designer Websites

Cool, Clean British Design

Mod culture centres upon young British style-conscious modern music fans; being a mod is about being open to what's around you, absorbing these influences and letting them manifest themselves through your own sharp and clean personal style.

We are the mods

We regularly ask people which websites they are inspired to be like and, amongst the answers we hear, time-and-time again people tell us they like Apple's website because it's cool, clean and easy to use. A cool and clean designer website doesn't appear overnight, Apple's didn't. A cool website firstly needs a cool business brand behind it, one built upon a business-wide appreciation of the contribution good design as well as having a fundamental grasp of what the Customer wants.

Clean is what most businesses should be striving for

Cool, it would seem, isn't a look for everyone despite the number of businesses clambering to have a website that looks like Apple's. For instance, a funeral director's website shouldn't set out to look cool now should it? Most of us would expect a funeral director's website to look caring, assuring or respectful yet, above all, professional and well-styled.

Which adjectives accurately describe your business?

If Apple are cool and funeral directors are respectful then what is the one word that meaningfully describes the image your business projects online?

Our designer websites are simply more clickable

The websites Sub@omic designs and develops are built to hit their mark, to be fast and easy to use; we proudly use a Spitfire, an icon of British design, as a metaphor to summarise our entire business model in just one picture, sound or word. Everything about our own brand identity stems from the Spitfire and, when developing any new piece of marketing or communication for ourselves, we use the Spitfire as the prime internal check to ensure we're sending out a clear and consistent message.

When you know your brand as intimately as this, design decisions become simple and the values of the business become stylishly enshrined in something highly memorable and relevant.

Style your future business

A businesses that has the capacity to be able to absorb and be influenced by what's going on around them - in their marketplace and in the minds of their Customers - is a modern business and it's this kind of business that, more than any other, is going to be able to pull off a cool, clean website. This is the kind of company that Sub@omic wants to work alongside.

We are the mods.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK