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Sub@omic is now merlin-powered!
2013 is welcomed with the guttural thunder of a merlin engine.

A Warm Welcome to Merlin

Having bid a fond farewell to Helvellyn we extend a warm welcome to Merlin and all the magic and power that it brings to the Sub@omic domain

Merlin is the project name name Sub@omic Limited assigned to the design, development and build of its thunderingly-good new website for 2013.

Heavily armed and built for speed and precision

Sub@omic Limited completed its brand overhaul in January 2013 with the launch of a website that was built under the project name of "Merlin" - the name of the Rolls Royce engine that powered the Spitfire, the iconic British World War II fighter/bomber which played a key role in securing air supremacy for the British Allied Army in 1940.

Deadly elegance from a true British design icon

Following-on from 2012, a year which saw Britain perform on the world stage - a year that showcased our country historically, artistically, technically and culturally, Sub@omic chose to align itself with the true British design icon, the Spitfire, which, just like a Sub@omic website, was hand-built in the UK with style and precision. For the leading Hertfordshire-based web design and development business, the Spitfire represents everything it aspires to achieve with the websites it builds. Sub@omic doesn't outsource any of its coding overseas or rely on anything except tried and tested high-performance code; this attention to detail means that the websites Sub@omic launches, just like the Spitfire, have beautifully clean lines, are extremely fast and, in the right hands, are deadly accurate.

Armed to the gunnels

There are simply too many leading-edge features in the new Merlin-powered website to succinctly describe them in just one page so, over the coming months, Sub@omic will begin to explore the many features of its new website by examining each in its monthly email newsletter named "Blast!"

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