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Campaigns With 100% Brand Fidelity

Sub@omic uses Web Diffusion to design, develop, test and host individual landing pages for online campaigns. These might be Google AdWords, recruitment, email marketing or social media campaigns.

Yes! You Can Have Landing Pages

Targeted ad or marketing campaigns tend to be created with a sense of immediacy and urgency. All too often, the best intentions of sales, marketing or agency entities get watered-down or held-back by having to sanction changes to the parent organisation's website. We can help you change that narrative.

Sales Enquiry

Discover the Sub@omic difference. Work with us to help you articulate your business proposition and win new business online with a cognitive designer website.

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Be Ready To Go

Sub@omic uses Web Diffusion to create target, destination or landing page experiences which uphold master brands and deliver upon the promises made by promotional ad campaigns. Because our system is not governed by a corporate CMS that drives a parent's .com website, we can ensure that the destination pages we create uphold corporate branding standards, whilst also being able to wrap the campaign message in a style which matches the original ad placement.

Sub@omic and Sub-Domains

Often, the easiest way to run a campaign page will be to run the Landing page under a sub-domain under your control. With full control over the campaign URLs, embedding of analytics code and forward routing after successful conversion, the Landing page will appear as a cohesive part of the mothership.

Leased By The Month

Web Diffusion campaign Landing pages are priced and invoiced on a monthly basis and may exist for only as long as your campaign or offer runs.

Ask us about multiple projects and get a great deal annual web hosting.

Once we have designed, built and hosted your first campaign, then the economics of rolling-out your second campaign will begin to work in your favour. If the styling, layout and functionality remain broadly similar then Sub@omic has the option to use the landing page styling (created for the first campaign) for the second campaign.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK