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The disappearance of Lord Lucan

The Lord Lucan of Proptech

Don't let your property listings disappear and lose online visibility as if they're the Lord Lucan of proptech!

Whilst watching a TV show about Lord Lucan on Monday night, Steve Whiting, Director of web design and development consultancy Sub@omic Ltd, saw an advert for that, he believes, signals a positive shift in the way property agencies manage listings.

Proptech sites now appear to possess the confidence to assertively market their keyword search capabilities, Whiting observes, and this can only have come about because property marketers must now be writing better property descriptions.

Having seen the ad, Whiting set to writing about the phenomenon and published his thoughts the following day in his company's daily blog post.

This wasn't an ad. This was a signal that estate agents have now woken-up to the possibilities of Search.

The Director of the Hertfordshire cognitive web consultancy business has, for many years, written about the business contribution that Search and SEO has to offer. In 2015 Steve Whiting published his SEO management strategy, entitled The Art of Search, in paperback and as a digital eBook download.

The most basic principle of SEO, he states, is to think like the Customer. The TV ad implores property buyers to search for their dream home. So it follows that the high value keywords buyers will use to search with will be their own and won't, therefore, be: 'pleasing community feel' or 'contemporary specification'.

To make the most of today's proptech opportunities, the strategy's Author continues, the victorious property marketer shall be freed from the burden of using comfortable clichés and will confidently write about the properties they're excited to sell using the language of the Customer.

Whiting's view of the Search landscape is both challenging and forthright.

Why wouldn't somebody in Wales search for a 'tidy cottage', why wouldn't a soon-to-be divorcee search for a 'bachelor pad' and why wouldn't a first time buyer search for a 'mint apartment'?

In likening dull property listings to the unsolved disappearance of Lord Lucan, Whiting is urging agents and online sellers not to disappear without trace but to fight for better visibility and better, quicker sales through proptech properties. Prime time TV advertising is expensive, obviously. So the investment in a highly concentrated ad signals a tipping point, at which, proptech appears to be growing in confidence about the way its Customers are intelligently describing property portfolios.

Local knowledge has never been more valuable.

It's time to tear-up the garden laid to lawn and smash the tiling to splash sensitive areas in a quest for quicker online conversions.

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