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Web Diffusion minified HTML5

Web Diffusion - Now Even Faster!

A clear differentiation between a Web Diffusion website and those websites output by run-of-the-mill CMS has always been the faster speed of a Web Diffusion website - but now they're even faster thanks to Web Diffusion's minified HTML5.

Web Diffusion websites have, from day one, been designed to be lightning-fast but the latest version of Sub@omic's website management system is now even faster!

The HTML5 code output by a Web Diffusion website can now be minified in order to accelerate the already super-fast website download speeds and improve the organic search engine optimisation of websites.

The HTML is 3.86% smaller

It is well documented that Google prefers faster websites created from valid, semantic, HTML5 code. The more Google likes your website, the higher your website will rank on the search engine results pages.

Sub@omic's Web Diffusion websites have always been fast but the Harpenden developer's recent minification project has now shaved a little under 4% of the filesize from the already high-performing HTML5 served to Google. Steve Whiting, Director of Sub@omic Limited, commented: This decrease in size may seem tiny but, when you're measuring the performance of HTML5 in miliseconds, every single byte of data counts.

Steve Whiting is the author of The Art of Search, a management strategy for SEO that was first printed and published in 2015. The Web is a fiercely competitive marketplace, says Whiting so any performance improvement a website can offer will be to its advantage and improve its search engine visibility.

Yet improving an already high-performance website is not just about pleasing the demigod that is Google; We're seeing websites turn into webapps and increasing amounts of business being done over mobile networks, Steve concludes, and having a website that loads as fast a possible on a mobile is not only good for Google but, more importantly, good for business.

What is minified HTML5?

Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from the HTML source code that a webpage is made from without changing the look, the feel or the functionality of the website.

These unnecessary characters include white spaces, new line characters, programmers' comments and tabs - all of which are used to make it easy for humans to read the HTML code but are useless to robots, Google and to web browsers.

Re-engineering webpages by stripping-out all unnecessary characters from a page of HTML reduces file size, improves download speed and makes Web Diffusion webpages load even faster without affecting how a website works.

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