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The Art of Search - Essentials

The Art of Search - Essentials

Following the publication of the heavyweight SEO management strategy, The Art of Search, in March 2015 Sub@omic launches a punchier, low cost version of the E^book that tells readers how to win a #1 Google rank.

When you only have time for SEO strategy

A new shorter and lower-cost version of the Art of Search has been published by Sub@omic and is now available from Amazon to download to your Kindle or mobile device with a Kindle reader app.

Pared-back to just the core 13 chapter SEO management strategy, The Art of Search - Essentials has been published for those business leaders who only have time to read the strategy.

The SEO management strategy 2,500 years in the making

The core 13 chapters of the book interpret the anciant military strategy The Art of War and contain the same essential exploration of SEO. Each chapter is followed by a set of 'calls to hacktion' - a set of actions for the reader to apply to the management of their own website.

The book's author, Steve Whiting, comments: I've wanted to be able to offer a version of The Art of Search for Kindle readers since the book was first published last year. Unfortunately, Amazon's own pricing strategy would appear to deter publishers from releasing regular price ebooks. Rather than pick a fight with the online giant, Sub@omic took the opportunity to work with Amazon's pricing policy and released a shorter, low priced version of the SEO management strategy under the discounter's $9.99 threshold.

Exclusive to Amazon

The Art of Search - Essentials has been published and released exclusively through Amazon Whiting announced along with the news that the Kindle SEO ebook download is available in the UK for the low price of £6.28.

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