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Websites Evolve Into Web Apps

Sub@omic launches a web app for Prestige Print, a bespoke build to secure the design and print business' #1 position at the top of the Google rankings and re-establish the brand with estate agents across the UK.

Sub@omic launch web apps

Sub@omic, the cognitive web design and development business based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire has evolved a Customer's website into a powerful web app for estate agents without disturbing any of the web content that had taken the Customer 7 years to amass.

For over 7 years, the website of Bedford design and print business Prestige Print has enjoyed an unchallenged #1 Google rank. But, on the Web, things never stand still and, 7 years after launch, the website that established the creative business' market domination was in need of complete modernisation.

Total front end overhaul

Prestige Print has spent the past 7 years building the website into a high-energy online catalogue of over 1,700 leaflet and stationery design templates. Sub@omic's original website was built not upon a common or garden CMS but a powerfully-open MySQL database. In developing the new web app Sub@omic was able to use all of the existing catalogue data and save Prestige Print from having to reproduce over 1,700 webpages of SEO content.

Web app

Web analytics revealed that, although 82% of visitors to Prestige Print's website were using a desktop, the growth was coming from mobile and tablet users. A key aspect of the project was to hold the attention of the mobile visitors for longer because desktop users were staying on the former website 3x longer. Sub@omic's response was to develop a bespoke web app that estate agents would find easy to use regardless of the device or platform they used to browse.

Full screen and high definition

Prestige Print's web app looks absolutely fantastic regardless of whether you're working with it on the smallest of smartphones or the highest of definition desktops says Steve Whiting, Director of Sub@omic Limited, who personally wrote every line of code in the app.

The web app's written in HTML5 and takes advantage of the latest responsive web design techniques to deliver lightning-fast performance for estate agents no matter where they are.

Exacting standards

The design layout for the web app was created by Prestige themselves, Sub@omic and Prestige worked closely during the 4 month build to achieve a look and feel across all devices which met the creative business' exacting design standards.

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