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Steve Whiting, author, the Art of Search

Sub@omic Publishes The Art of Search

Sub@omic has published The Art of Search an SEO Management Strategy written by Steve Whiting; available as a downloadable E^book and also as a paperback for business leaders to get their businesses ranking #1 in their Customers' minds.

How a 2,500 year old text reveals the secrets of Google

How do you describe a manuscript written 2,500 years ago that tells you how to get the best out of Google in 2015?

The ancient document written by a Chinese general called Sun Tzu consists of 13 chapters defining The Art of War.

But remarkably Tzu's ancient wisdom also divulges how best to manage Google. Steve Whiting, an award winning Web developer from Harpenden in Hertfordshire, has discovered how to apply Sun Tzu's military lessons to help understand the workings of 21st century business.

Today's battle he says is how to win top rankings on Google and secure supreme search engine visibility. The victory is securing new customers, business success and enhanced profits.

The Chinese fighter's 2,500 year old methods have won battles and saved lives. Now in a new book Steve Whiting explains how Sun Tzu can inspire business leaders great and small how to win in the modern theatre of business warfare.

He's called it The Art of Search and the all-important key is to wholly understand the buyer's needs. The secret, Whiting explains, is to get so close to your customers that you can hear them think.

The battle for business begins on March the 23rd when The Art of Search is published on iTunes and via the book's own website:

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