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Web Designer Takes Own Medicine

The promotional website for Web Diffusion, the ultra-fast website management system developed by Sub@omic Limited (for the exclusive use of its Customers), launched yesterday after an 11 year wait.

The news of a web design and development business launching a website for itself may not initially appear to be headline-grabbing. But this particular website launch promises a great deal, and has a lesson for us all about the value of listening to the Customer.

The newly-launched Web Diffusion website showcases the widest range of websites that Sub@omic's exclusive website management system is able to create and manage; from websites for startups, priced from just £40.00, up to 300+ page, heavy-hitting, feature-loaded, all-out commercial websites.

Patiently Waiting on the Launchpad for 11 Years

The design and build of the Web Diffusion website took a solid 2 months but, honestly, that's not what has left the website management system without a website of its own since 2012.

Since Web Diffusion was used to create its very first website, back in 2012, the capabilities and features of the system have continually grown, fast. Steve Whiting, Director of Web Diffusion's developer Sub@omic Limited, was reluctant to launch a website that didn't reflect everything that the system is technically capable of achieving and, for 11 years, Web Diffusion had little more than a holding page to promote itself.
It wasn't until I took some of my own medicine, that I realised my vision of what this website needed to show was utterly wrong!Steve Whiting, Director, Sub@omic Limited

Listening To The Customer

Whiting continues: I had convinced myself that what this website needed to express was how it was constructed, and how the quality of its build meant that the websites it produces are greener, more economic, flexible and scalable. Even though Whiting implores his own Customers, when building their own websites, to listen-out for the voice of the Customer, he realised he'd been making the self-same mistake for the past decade.

Look & Feel vs Nuts & Bolts

The website for Web Diffusion is now wholly given-over to how the websites created by the exclusive website management system look, feel and perform. The showcase makes heavy use of the system's imageSequencer, the website is packed with galleries of screenshots, showing how the websites look, alongside descriptions of how the websites hit their briefs and out-perform the competition.

Deeply Responsive

Throughout the website, Web Diffusion is serving-up images of precisely the correct size, proportion and resolution for the device being used to view the website. The responsible use of responsive HD images makes the website energy efficient and as fast as possible. Controlled by Sub@omic's own Fibonacci Breakpoint Strategy, each banner and gallery image may be chosen from a staggering array of 14 alternatives.

This ultrafast Web Diffusion website loads in a quarter of the time of a web design gallery page built using Wordpress.

Responsibly-built, responsive websites deliver measured and appropriate packets of data to the user. By delivering only the image data that a user actually requires, the responsive web page downloads at the optimal speed: reducing data, saving energy and creating less carbon.

Lesson Learned

Once this web design consultant had taken his own medicine and listened-out for the voice of the Customer, the 11 year mental block disappeared and Whiting's plan for an entirely Customer-focused website came fully into view. The result is an engaging, cognitive, designer website that will still be around in another 11 years.

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