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'Cool URIs Don't Change' - unless, that is, they're getting better.

We're Changing Our Domain Name

There is a school of thought that argues cool URIs don't change. Well, sometimes you've just got to. We're changing our domain name. Here's why…

What's In A (Domain) Name?

Well, quite a lot, as it goes. After 20 years of working under the domain name, it's time we made things better.

With immediate effect, we're changing our email address to

Organisations across the globe are tightening-up their cyber defences and are working harder to banish spam email from the inboxes of employees. One such tightening of an email spam filter has prompted us to make the decisive switch from to

There's a number of reasons for this:

  1. The tenant domain we registered 20 years ago had begun to attract a bad reputation.
  2. We've been aching to replace it for years now.
  3. The .ltd TLD is stronger and better reflects our company's legal status.
  4. Our new general email address is not only cool but far funkier than the original!

The Spam Filter & The Tenant Domain

Twenty years ago, when we first registered the domain name, the choices of TLD were limited - the only real options open to us were the registration of a, .com, .org, .info or .biz TLD. Some enterprising soul had registered the domain name way ahead of us and had struck a deal to resell tenant domains (i.e., etc.) to people like us.

Fast-forward twenty years later and it would appear that my fellow tenants (you know the types, etc.) have been using their tenant domains for the purposes of spammy email marketing. Consequently, the domain has been flagged by a spam filter used by BT as one to be treated with care and/or suspicion. On Wednesday of this week, an email was bounced and that return message sounded the death knell of our twenty year old domain name.

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