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The role of a website during the covid19 outbreak
Yes! Sub@omic remains open for business.

Staying Open 24/7/365

Business may have locked-down, staff may have been furloughed but, if the COVID-19 outbreak has shown us anything, the web stays-on and is (perhaps) the only thing holding business together right now. Sub@omic's business status is clear - we remain open!

Your Website's Open 24/7

Sub@omic is open and continues to trade despite the lockdown. The web never sleeps and Sub@omic's web design and development services haven't gone away - even though we've been working from the home office since 17 March. We're a wholly digital business and it should come as no surprise that Steve and Sharon are able to work as normal through the coronavirus lockdown.

Open, accessible and able to advise & support as before

Need help getting your message out? Call Steve on 07970 029025.

Emerging from COVID-19 lockdown

In a blog post written on 20 March, Steve wrote …one thing is certain: that business will not be the same again. We are yet to become aware of the full extent but the coronavirus business lockdown has already changed how business is done. Corporates are now aware of the extent to which staff can work from home, along with this comes a realisation of how remote working reduces rent and office space. In the future, we'll meet eachother less because we can all now video conference with confidence, right?

Your business has already changed for good.

When you return to work your entire business sector will have learned how to communicate differently and it's a change you must adapt to. With independent expertise in web design and development, organic search engine optimisation and email marketing, our focus is to help companies stay in business by communicating better online and avoiding permanent lockdown.

You may be on lockdown but your website isn't.

Our core belief, one rooted in The Art of Search the SEO management strategy published in 2015, is that SEO is the art of sending your website out to work. You may be in lockdown but your website isn't. When we return to work, business will need better communication skills and we believe that now's the time to begin learning how you can grow your website, find new business and win new ground.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK