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How To Detect Cyber Crime - free eBook download

Cyber Crime Detection with Bedfordshire Police

Following its debut and launch at this month's Cyber Threat Awareness event run by Bedfordshire Police's Cyber Hub, Sub@omic has made available a brand new Cyber Security E^dition eBook. Download it now for free.

Download now and read at a time that suits you

Published and launched in association with Bedfordshire Police's Cyber Hub, this informative, free and easy-to-read guide is for business owners and staff to read on a mobile, tablet or PC so that companies may begin to defeat cyber crime.

Last week, Her Majesty The Queen opened [1] - The National Cyber Security Centre, a new division of GCHQ, built specifically to tackle cyber crime which, in 2015, cost the UK economy £11bn [2]. Cyber crime has become one of the big business topics in the past few weeks and our book's timely launch coincides with the announcement of the UK Government's forthcoming GDPR legislation. The forthcoming Regulations [3] give courts the power to fine and imprison individuals found to be responsible for data leaks and breaches of personal privacy.
Neither neglect nor renunciation are valid defences against cyber crime. Download the free E^book now.

'How To Detect Cyber Crime'

Published and launched in association with Bedfordshire Police's Cyber Hub, this free E^book published by Sub@omic helps everyone turn detective in order to defeat the rising threat posed by cyber criminals.
Bedfordshire Police Cyber Hub

Cyber Security Advice From the Coalface

Edited by Sean O'Neil, Befordshire Police's Cyber Security Advisor, the E^book is written upon real-life experience of real-world cyber crime. The book examines why cyber crime is such a threat to business and its people; its purpose is to introduce the reader to some simple, practical, non-technical steps that may be taken to rapidly and drastically reduce the risk to business posed by the efforts of the cyber criminal.
Of the 42,000 reported crimes last year, 96% of the crimes in Bedfordshire involved a cyber enabled element.Sean O'Neil, Bedfordshire Police - Cyber Security Advisor

The Theft Triangle

The E^book opens with an examination of cyber crime and how it may be extinguished by using The Theft Triangle, a tried and tested model that's found in civil protection and crime prevention.
The Cyber Crime Theft Triangle, Sub@omic 2017

Designed and intended as an E^book that all staff may carry with them, the book then outlines Sean O'Neil's Bunch of Fives - the five simple, practical, non-technical steps that may be taken to detect cyber crime then rapidly and drastically reduce the risk to business.

The Cyber Basics Review

The E^book concludes with a 43 point checklist, referred to by Bedfordshire Police's Cyber Hub as The Cyber Basics Review. The CBR is the first step towards gaining a Cyber Essentials accreditation that, ahead of the UK Government's forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is regarded as a business basic requirement for data processors who risk imprisonment if found to be responsible for a data breach.

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