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Sub@omic's retired website first served in 2006
After 7 years' hard work it was time to retire our 3rd website and put it out to grass.

A Fond Farewell to Helvellyn

The launch of Sub@omic's new website means that it's time to retire the website that has served us so well since we first launched it way back in January 2006

We're migrating to our new website

After 7 years' hard work sitting at the top of Google it's time to put our 3rd website out to grass.

When the website, referred to internally as "Helvellyn" after the Lake District photo that formed the website's background, was first launched back in January 2006 it represented a snapshot of what was technically achievable with HTML & CSS code. The website was quick to load, standards compliant, easy to navigate and was viewable upon any browser/platform combination; it practiced what we still preach to this day.

Technically, the website represented everything we were confident of coding back in 2005 but in recent years (about 4, to be perfectly honest) although the website was still performing well it was starting to fall behind as a visual representation of what kinds of website Sub@omic was delivering on behalf of Cusotmers. So began the 3.5 year project to do for ourselves what we routinely do for Customers - design a brand and develop a website that articulates a business proposition.

Our website will be offline for a day

As we bring our new bespoke website online our old website will be taken offline and should be back online in one working day.

Cobblers' Childrens' Shoes

There's an old saying about the children of a cobbler never having new shoes and always walking around in pairs of repaired shoes simply because that's what the cobbler is able to do; the same may be said for hairdressers' haircuts; central heating engineers' boilers and car mechanics' cars. It also appears to apply to web designers' websites - our old website eventually had so many features cobbled onto it and, eventually, found itself being held together with a fair amount of knicker elastic. Ultimately it had become a bit clunky and nothing like the websites we build for Customers but you'd never have known it as all that clunky engineering was taking place behind the scenes.

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