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Cognitive Web Design Pricing

Each one of our bespoke websites is different, each one is tailored specifically for our Customer which is why we take a consultative approach.

How much?

If you work on the basis of each web page being priced at £700.00 and that a typical website consists of 5 pages then you can quickly establish that our bespoke cognitive websites start from £3,500.00

How long?

Our stock answer is that, if you've got your act together you can have a website launched within three months. Most of our Customers initially expect that their website can be turned around within one month but, in actual fact, many companies rarely launch in anything less than 6 months.

How high?

The stock answer we'd secretly like to be able to give to these two frequently asked questions is "It depends, how high do you want to get?" but mothers across the country tell their children that it's rude to answer a question with a question. Instead we'd like to tell you that both price and duration of the project very much depends on what you need your website to achieve - the more complex it is then the longer it's likely to take. Our experience informs us, however, that the one thing that's likely to stall a project is the creation of relevant website content.

How is a price calculated?

Very quickly and simply indeed. Once we've run an æ web strategy workshop for your senior management team then we'll have a very good idea of just how many pages your website requires and how complex the coding will be. We multiply the number of pages by the project complexity, add in the relevant website hosting, domain name registration, photography and copywriting fees and then arrive at a project price.

Fixed project pricing

We present our recommendations, website specification and project pricing in a detailed Design Solution Report. The price is a contractual price, the price isn't a from price or an open ended price subject to the whims of an hourly rate - because we specify the website in such detail we're confident of our pricing and contract on the basis of our first specification.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK