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Couldn't help yourself could you? Don't worry it's not your fault, that's just your subconscious.

Danger - Subconscious At Work

Even though we told you not to click the link, you did. You just couldn't help yourself could you?

Don't worry - it's not your fault

You clicked because your subconscious can't process negative instructions - it's just not programmed that way. In order to deal with the notion of not clicking a button or a hyperlink, your brain firstly had to process the concept of clicking the button before being instructing itself not to click it. Your first thought will always be that of clicking the button and that's a very difficult thought to ignore. If you've ever told a child not to do something you'll immediately identify with this scenario and will now have a better understanding of why children always seem to do what they're not supposed to!

We say "Don't think about false teeth"

There you go again, you had to think about false teeth - your brain doesn't process negatives.

When you begin to address how the brain works at a cognitive level then you can begin to get a sense for the vast amount of factors that might affect someone's usage of a webpage. For us, crafting better cognitive webpages in your website means keeping the pages as clean an intuitive as possible.

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Sub@omic is an independent web consultancy developing cognitive designer websites, based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK