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The Ghost Of Christmas Present

Whilst putting the Christmas tree up last night I listened to the chart show on the wireless, something I haven't done in years and, for once, I heard the future.

Your Website & The Ghost of Christmas Present

You know how it is, Christmas is fast approaching and you feel it's about time you put your tree up. Do you remember how achingly slow the run-up to Christmas was as a child? Remember how, as a child, you wished Christmas Day would just hurry-up? Well, be careful what you wish for; as we age, Christmas now arrives quicker than it ever used to. Christmas is all about the build-up and so, when the time to put-up your tree arrives, it's hard to just switch-on the Christmas spirit as easily as you can switch on the tree lights - the Christmas spirit needs a little bit of coaxing out from hibernation.

Coaxing the Christmas spirit out of hibernation

Yesterday evening, as we put the Christmas tree up, I decided to try and coax-out the festive spirit with some music and so switched-on the TV to find a radio station that might have some festive programming. I was out of luck and so opted for Radio 1, the time was approaching 5pm and the charts were about to start. I braced myself for an audio barrage of X Factor sound-a-likes and didn't have to wait long for the unsurprising audio assault.

The countdown started from 40 but what I didn't expect was that my ears would be granted a temporary stay of execution. At number 40 was Wham with Last Christmas and it turned out to be not the only Christmas record charting this week, others were: Wizard with I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday; The Pogues with Fairytale Of New York and Mariah Carey with All I Want For Christmas, the highest of them all, charting at number 12.

Although these songs are far from new, each one is a classic that gets played to death throughout December so why did they chart this year? What their appearance yesterday gives us is a proper glimpse of the future.

The Ghost Of Christmas Future

If you listen carefully to this chart, you too may hear our future; not in the songs themselves but in the music buying behaviour that put Last Christmas back into the charts. Your childhood dreams have come true and you now don't have to wait, if you want a record you download it; you don't have to rely upon the record being (re)released. What pushed these four seasonal records back into the charts was downloads alone.

The Future Just Happened

Thanks to the Web, the way we communicate, absorb information and make decisions are changing all around you, right now. Your customers are very used to on-demand digital delivery and websites that exist as token online brochures look like something that only the Ghost Of Christmas Past can take you to. Your customers want more and, what's more, your customers deserve much more.

It's never too late to change

In 2014, your website needs to do so much more than it did in the past - don't be like Scrooge because it's never too late to change. Our economy is pulling out of the recession and the time to make plans for your own recovery is right now. Make a new year's resolution to invest in a real cracker of a website, dress your windows with glittering delights and wonder, share what you know with your customers online, fling the doors wide open to let the general public in from the cold to spend and they'll stay with you through the harshest of Winters.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Sharon and I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2014. A very big thank you to our customers who have stayed with us through these tough times and thanks too to all who have joined-in by commenting on this blog. These past few years have been tough for all in business so, as the economy begins to pull-out of its cold and dark Winter, we look forward to a far brighter online future for you and your business.

Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to working with you in 2014.

Thank you Steve & Sharon - and wishing you both the very best Christmas, and 2014, too!

And... thank you for the music, the song I'm singin'.
Anthea avatarAnthea30th November 1999Bringing you The Utility Warehouse, where it pays to be a member!
Is it just me or does this song remind anyone else of the theme tune from Benson?
Steve Whiting, Sub@omic Ltd avatarSteve Whiting, Sub@omic Ltd30th November 1999Author of 'The Art of Search' - the SEO strategy book 2,500 years in the making.
Now you mention it Steve, yes it does! But I'd never heard the original (Benson) because I am too young.
Anthea avatarAnthea30th November 1999Bringing you The Utility Warehouse, where it pays to be a member!
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