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Pixelmator 3.3

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I received an email this morning about the latest upgrade to a piece of software that I've come to hold in high regard. A few updates ago, Pixelmator opened-up the potential of using a photo editing app (an app like Photoshop) to edit video.

I've been itching to tryout what's achievable for some time and today's email gave me good cause. Pixelmator 3.3 now allows users to remove chromakey (green screen) backgrounds with one click and then refine the intensity and colour range of the effect.

What makes this offer so appealing is that managing green screen footage is so much better when it's done in an app that has the colour management capabilities of a tool like Pixelmator. To date, background edits have been made in the background of the video editing app, the colour management tools for which are less capable than a photo editing app.

The full contribution of this new video workflow is that I'm going to be able to shoot green screen promo video (for our Otto Q iPhone teleprompter app) and have far greater control for hiding the green fringes which are often present at the edges of the video cutout.

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