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Soft in the head

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The website for Sub@omic Limited launched, quietly, late on Friday afternoon. Hurrah!

This morning, whilst making a cuppa for Sharon, I thought I'd check my Google rankings to see if the new website had made any impression on Google. (It's a bit much to expect Google to re-evaluate and re-position your website after just one day and a bit. But, you never know, you know?)

I started the crawl and, almost immediately, saw no change. Wasn't disappointed, 7 days for this re-indexing to happen is our own benchmark. The kettle boiled, clicked-off and then the penny dropped.

Throughout the course of the 10 month build, this site ran with a robots meta tag in the head of the website.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">

This meta tag is an instruction to Google plus other search engine crawlers and robots to not crawl the links or index the pages they find.

So, I took our tea to back to bed, from where I edired the <head> and from where the soft launch continued.

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