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Let's Be Careful Out There

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This spammy, scammy email dropped into my inbox this afternoon and, for about one second, it had me thinking that something bad was afoot.

Indeed, something bad was afoot but not in the way that my automatic negative reaction tried to convince me during that first second.

Take the time and take a look at the email address that the scam email came from. That's NOT the email address or domain name of our domain name registrar.

Now, one second in, take a little more time to think this through. The price they're suggesting for the bogus renewal of a genuine domain name is cheap - far cheaper than we normally pay.

Keep going. The email account this spam scam was delivered to is NOT the email account we use to communicate with our domain name registrar.

There's more. The fake email appears to be suggesting that the service which is about to expire is something called Hosting cloud. Not only is this product not one that we would use the registrar for but it doesn't actually exist.

There's still more. Roll your mouse or your pointer over the Pay Now button and, without clicking or tapping it, notice that the target of that hyperlink is not your domain name control panel but

Conclusion. This email's junk. Bin it. Nothing is ever so urgent that you should click on a link without thinking about what you're being asked to do. Never rush into clicking anything that drops into your inbox and encourages you to take action right away. Genuine renewals do not arrive with a moment's notice. Nothing is so urgent that you can't spend 5 seconds or so double checking the basics.

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