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Yack! Twitter's Ghastly, Isn't It…?

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I've been a habitual user and sharer of 'stuff' on Twitter since May 2008 and, up until recently, would've said it's a great place to be. Then, twelve days into January 2023, Tweetbot, the third party Twitter client (app) I've used for so many years stopped working 🤬😭

I've waited until Twitter themselves figured this out but then noticed an updated message in Tweetbot this morning. Twitter no longer allows access via third party apps.

I have just spent a few minutes looking at my timeline through Twitter itself and can honestly say it's ghastly. What made Tweetbot a joy was the great UI, the absence of promoted content and the presentation of tweets in chronological order. No algorithm appeared to be working behind the scenes to show you the content it wanted to show you as opposed to allowing the user the good sense to moderate their own content.

Looking at, all I see is the absence of all that made Tweetbot a joy and I now begin to feel the tone and manipulation which so many other users of Twitter have felt for years.

So long Tweetbot and thanks for all the fish. The time to switch to the microBlog has now come. #twexit

So long Tweetbot, hello Ivory.

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