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Looking 20p In The 10p Mix*

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Scrolling through Instagram this evening, this popped-up. The web design profession hasn't hit an all-time low, it's been down there for an awfully long time.

I've been of the opinion, for quite some time now, that a 'professional' in the web design sector is generally perceived to be anyone who's basically able to submit an invoice for what they've done. But now it appears that even the chancers out there are having their desire to invoice questioned by those wanting to offer you free web design.

Apparently, £1,500 is an astronomical price for a website. Really?! Please don't show these guys our published price list - they'll pass a kidney.

Is there any other area of business in which you would allow the notion of free to override your reasoned purchasing logic? Let me answer that for you - no. You wouldn't let a student do your health and safety for free, nor would you let a legal student have a go at your terms and conditions for free. You wouldn't let a student have a go at mending the brakes on your company cars and you wouldn't take financial advice from a business student who's doing a module on investment within their course.

Look at Instagram long enough, you might be tempted to consider letting someone offering free web design have a go at your website to help them with a college course. Please don't. This 'offer' bears all the hallmarks of a scam.
But it's not just the scammers out there, many of whom posess the ability to mug you. You might have a son | daughter | niece | nephew who's a real whizz on computers or who may have built a website for a module of their college course. You might feel as though you want to help them, give them a leg-up by giving them a go at building your website. Please don't. Let them experiment on somebody else, not you, not your business.

*Thank you to Sleaford Mods for writing the lyric used as the title of this post.

Professional, designer website prices.

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