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It's Friday. It's 5 to 5. It's Crackerjack!

Launching A Website On A Friday and Other Bad Ideas.

Just don't. Plan to launch your website on a Monday instead. Thinking that you can launch a website at 5 to 5 on a Friday is simply crackers.

No matter how much you check the launch candidate, the probability that you'll find a smelling pistake somewhere on your new website is incredibly high. And, chances are, the person who'll spot this is someone you wish to impress when you're out to dinner, that Friday night, to celebrate the launch.

You'll be awfully embarrassed, you'll phone me up from the dinner table to see if I can correct the typo but you'll probably also find me out celebrating over dinner too. And the correction has to wait until Monday morning.

Give yourself a break. Launch your website on a Monday so that you have a whole working week ahead of you to smooth-out any tiny wrinkles.

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