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So, this just happened. Search for "logs" on Google and you may find that our website for Phil Holt & Son ranks #1 - this is something that makes me incredibly happy, as it didn't happen overnight.

You'll notice, however, that I said that you may find Phil's website ranking number one on Google. This is because I was in our Harpenden office when I ran the search and because Google reserves the right to change its mind.

Firstly, Phil's website has been live for the past 11 years and, during that time, Google will have come to trust that the business is no fly-by-night pop-up. The number one Google rank has been earned over years and it's a real marker that, fundamentally, Google trusts the domain and the entity it represents. This rank can, and will, change, however as Google reserves the right to change its mind (its algorithm) as it pleases; because ranking is Google's game, played in Google's own back yard by Google's rules.

Secondly, I was in Harpenden when I executed the search. If I was located in Northumberland when I searched, with no geographical element to my search (such as logs near me or log deliveries Alnwick) then Google would do its best to return the 'right' results for me by relying upon other sources of data; such as my IP address, my device geolocation and my browsing history.

This ranking behaviour is, nevertheless, 100% correct. Phil wouldn't deliver logs from Hertfordshire to Northumberland, firstly it'd be uneconomic and, secondly, would come with a disproportionate carbon footprint.

So, at the moment, it's foolish to try and argue that Phil Holt's website is the best log website in the UK, let alone the world. But we're happy and content with having the best log website in Hertfordshire. 🔥

Phil Holt's Logs - Hertfordshire Firewood Delivery

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